Justa Farm LLC prides itself on putting our horses first.  We are now offering both breeding shares and racing shares for Pennsylvania Bred racehorses.  These partnerships are available at reasonable rates and after their racing careers, these horses will be retrained and sold into a second career.  All horses bred through this program will have stickers on their papers indicating if they need a home to contact the farm.  Our broad knowledge of a variety of disciplines and focus on the individual and which career they would be best suited for helps to ensure success. To date, we have trained horses at the lower levels for careers in; 3 day eventing, show hunters, show jumpers and fox hunting.

We believe that horses with talent are more successful when they are happy

Upcoming Events

October 5th Attending RTTP's Thoroughbred Makeover @ Pimlico with clients to buy an eventing prospect

Our horses all start with the basics and an exposure to as many disciplines as possible.  After we have found a specific discipline for which they are suited we continue training and competition at lower levels in that discipline.  Once they have competed successfully at lower levels we sell them to individuals or professional stables where they can further their training and competition at higher levels.  We accept horses on consignment and also purchase some outright.  We also have individuals who will act as buyer's agents and assist with purchases.  All situations are assessed on an individual basis.

A Whole Life Horse Facility

Where Horses Come First
 From breeding to racing, and onto a second career